About National Broadband

We provide homes and businesses with the broadband speed they’ve been waiting for.

Nobody should have to wait for good broadband. We use 4G and 5G-based technology to ensure every property can enjoy a fast, reliable internet connection.

We are a specialist internet service provider (or ISP) with over 20 years’ experience connecting some of the most challenging and remote properties in the country – ensuring they can surf, stream and work to their heart’s content.

Our technology doesn’t rely on the UK’s fibre network or landlines of any kind. This means that homes and businesses aren’t left waiting for years or saddled with huge set-up costs, just to be able to enjoy the benefits of the modern internet.

In addition to providing broadband over 4G and 5G, we also operate a Satellite Internet division to ensure we deliver the right solution to every home.

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Our parent company is NEEM Holdings Limited, which also owns Eurosat Distribution, the UK's leading wholesaler of satellite and AV distribution equipment to the construction industry and independent trade alike and Manhattan TV, the UK brand leader in the manufacture and supply of super smart TV set-top boxes and recorders.

Company Information

National Broadband Limited also owns and operates the 4G Internet, 5G Internet and Satellite Internet brands.