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The Welsh Assembly's
Access Broadband Cymru Grant Scheme

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If you live or work anywhere in Wales and suffer with poor broadband speeds, you may well qualify for a grant from the Welsh Assembly. Its Access Broadband Cymru Subsidy Scheme is there to help you at least double your existing broadband speeds, bringing much faster connectivity to your home or business.

If you are eligible and live in an area of Wales that's covered by our 4G broadband services (and the vast majority of Wales is, even including the most rural of locations) we could get you up and running with fast and reliable 4G broadband within just a week or so.

And if you choose us as your Internet Service Provider, with an ABC grant you'll have absolutely no up-front costs because we will set you up for free.

Four easy steps to getting set up for free

It's really quick and easy to apply for assistance under the Access Broadband Cymru Grant Scheme.

Apply for an ABC Grant here


Ask Us For A Quote

To apply for an ABC Grant, you will need to submit a quote from a provider to the scheme with your application. Choose us as your supplier and we'll quickly get one to you.


Submit Your Application Form

Click on the button above to download the ABC application form from the Welsh Assembly's website. Complete this and submit it along with the quote we will have sent you.


Get In Touch With Us

If you are eligible, the Welsh Assembly will send you a Formal Offer of Funding letter. You will need to send us a copy of that when placing your order with us under the ABC Grant scheme.


Installation And Set-up

We'll send an engineer at a convenient time to fit a small outdoor 4G antenna and install our equipment within a week or so. You'll be up and running in next to no time.

Truly Unlimited 4G Broadband

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12 month personal contract

Zero up-front cost
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£39.99 per month

18 month personal contract

Zero up-front cost
(with ABC grant)

£34.99 per month

24 month personal contract

Zero up-front cost
(with ABC grant)

£31.99 per month

12 month business contract

Zero up-front cost
(with ABC grant)

£45.00 + VAT per month

18 month business contract

Zero up-front cost
(with ABC grant)

£40.00 + VAT per month

24 month business contract

Zero up-front cost
(with ABC grant)

£35.00 + VAT per month

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Don't forget about WiFi coverage

Of course it's great to get a much faster broadband connection. But naturally you'll want to make sure you can take advantage of this throughout your entire home or business.

If your home or business is larger or has thicker internal walls (as many more rural properties do), this may lead to weak WiFi signal in certain rooms. In order to ensure good connectivity throughout, you should definitely consider extending your WiFi coverage.

So don't fix your incoming broadband just to be irritated by still having WiFi dead spots - discover how to extend your WiFi coverage here.

Extending Your WiFi

Everything you need to know about the Access Broadband Cymru Scheme and 4G broadband.
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These days, as ever more of our work and personal lives involve spending time online, having access to good broadband is becoming an essential and having slow internet connectivity is a major disadvantage. And that's precisely why the Welsh Assembly has put in place its Access Broadband Cymru (ABC) Scheme.

This subsidy scheme gives immediate assistance to any home or business anywhere within Wales which cannot currently access a superfast (24 Mbps+) broadband service (that's one running at 24 Mbps or more). It does this by providing a subsidy towards the costs of installing a better broadband connection.

Grants issued under the ABC Scheme should entirely cover the set-up costs of installing much improved broadband delivered via 4G, wireless or satellite for all homes and businesses which are currently stuck with slower broadband speeds.

By boosting the broadband speed for households, the Access Broadband Cymru Scheme will enable families to take advantage of all online facilities, including working from home, staying in touch via video calling, utilising on-demand TV, streaming movies and so on. The scheme also caters for businesses and local start-ups, which will be enabled to communicate with both existing and potential clients, check up on orders and stay up to date with market trends much more efficiently.

Applying for an ABC subsidy is a quick and easy process. Here's what to do:-

Start by finding out if you're eligible for a grant under the ABC scheme. Full details on eligibility are available here on the Welsh Assembly's ABC website.

Next you should check to see if you are already able to receive a superfast broadband service. You can do this via Openreach's address checker here.

Then if you’re told that a superfast (24+ Mbps) broadband service is not available at your location, you should qualify for an ABC subsidy.

  1. The first thing you'll need to do is choose a provider that operates under the ABC scheme and get an official quotation from them (it's a requirement to include such a quotation with your application to the Welsh Assembly).
  2. If you'd like to choose us as your new faster broadband provider, we need to check to see if your property is covered by our 4G broadband services. So either fill out the brief form at the top of this webpage, drop us an email at or give us a call on 03333 447700 letting us know your full 7 digit postcode.
  3. We'll then be able to check 4G coverage at your exact location - and these days over 98% of all UK home and business premises already are sufficiently covered, including very rural and remote properties.

    And don't worry if your smartphone only shows flaky 4G reception - because we fit a high gain external antenna, which latches onto available 4G signals, amplifies them and then pipes them down to a 4G router inside your property.
  4. Then once we've confirmed that your property is within coverage, we'll then send you an official quotation by email.
  5. Now download and complete the ABC application form that you can find here on the Welsh Assembly's website and send it into them, along with the quotation that we'll have sent you for the installation and set-up of your chosen 4G broadband service.
  6. Your application will be reviewed and if everything's ok, you'll be sent a Formal Offer of Funding letter to confirm that the equipment, installation and set-up of your 4G broadband service with us will be fully covered under the ABC Scheme.
  7. Once you've received that letter, just get in touch with us and we'll do all the rest - and getting you up and running on fast 4G broadband typically takes us no more than a couple of weeks.
  8. Once your 4G broadband service has been made live, the final thing you'll need to do is to prove to the Welsh Assembly that your new broadband service has been installed and is performing to the parameters specified.

    You do this by sending in a copy of the invoice that we'll have sent you in relation to the installation and set-up of your new 4G service, plus a copy of a speed test from a website like showing how your new service is performing. Upon receipt, the Welsh Assembly will then make payment to us on your behalf against that invoice and everything's then completed.

Please note that Step 8 above is really important! If you don't send the required supporting documents into the Welsh Government after your service has been made live, then under the ABC Subsidy Scheme rules you yourself will be fully liable to pay off that invoice for the supply, installation and set-up of equipment. So... don't forget!

We at National Broadband are an appointed supplier to the Access Broadband Cymru Subsidy Scheme. We're delighted to have helped numerous homes and businesses across the entirety of Wales - including rural Wales - by providing them with a much faster and more stable 4G broadband service under the ABC Scheme and we look forward to providing much faster internet connections to even more properties.

The Access Broadband Cymru Scheme is available to any residential or commercial property that cannot currently access superfast (24 Mbps+) broadband speeds anywhere within the whole of Wales.

If you choose us as your Internet Service Provider under the ABC Scheme, the subsidy covers the entire costs of getting set up with our 4G broadband service. This includes:-

  • Supply and installation of a top-spec 4G router inside your property.
  • Supply and installation of a small but very effective 4G antenna to the outside of your property.
  • Activation of your new 4G broadband service.

The normal cost of all the above totals £399 inc VAT.

The carefully chosen 4G router we supply will be fully set up and installed for you. This provides full WiFi functionality - so you can share your new 4G connection across multiple internet-enabled devices within your property.

Our professional installers will also fit a small high gain and directional external 4G antenna to the outside of your property to ensure that you get the best possible 4G signal reception and thus optimum performance of the service.

Please note that the offer of zero-cost installation does not give any applicant the right to specify a mounting location for the outdoor 4G antenna. Although applicants' preferences will be taken into account if feasible, we will always install the outdoor antenna at the position which delivers the best 4G broadband performance. Government funding will specifically not cover any additional costs involved in a more complex or expensive installation location that is being requested on purely aesthetic grounds.

If yours is a residential or business property that qualifies for the subsidy and you choose us as your new broadband provider, the answer is… nothing at all. The full costs of getting started with our fast and robust 4G broadband service (which normally costs £399 inc VAT) will be fully covered by your ABC grant.

The only charge you'll pay is the normal monthly subscription cost of our 4G broadband service. That starts from as little as £31.99 inc VAT for personal accounts and £35.00 plus VAT for business accounts.

Unlike traditional landline-based broadband services, broadband delivered over a 4G network is a wireless service that does not rely on physical phonelines or cables to reach your property.

When it comes to performance, the speeds achievable with 4G broadband are very dependent upon local factors specific to each individual location. However, when measured across the entire UK, 4G broadband performance averages at around the 25 Mbps download and 10 Mbps upload levels.

You can find more information on 4G broadband here.

If you have already been issued with a Formal Offer of Funding letter under the Access Broadband Cymru Scheme, just drop us an email at with your name and contact details. If you can attach a scanned copy of your funding letter to that email, that'd really help to speed things up, because we will need to see a copy of this before being able to get you online.

We'll then get in touch with you as soon as possible to discuss which of our monthly 4G packages would suit you best, process your order once you're happy and then arrange installation of your new 4G internet service.

Or if you'd rather, just call us on 03333 447700 and we'll talk you through everything and help you get online as fast as possible.

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