Extend WiFi range for fast broadband in every room

Struggling to get fast broadband in every room? Here’s how to extend your WiFi so there's a good internet connection throughout your entire home or business.

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Make sure you've got great WiFi coverage throughout your property

Having a much faster broadband service where you are is great. But you'll also want to make sure you can reliably use your new internet connection throughout your home or business - so you may need to look at extending your WiFi coverage.

If properties are large or have thick internal walls, then the WiFi signal transmitted from a router may not reach all rooms and you may find you experience WiFi dead spots in certain locations - usually those farthest away from your router.

Fortunately there's a simple solution. We've put a number of WiFi extension solutions through their paces so we can recommend the best, easiest to use and most cost-effective equipment for customers looking to solve this issue.

More about mesh WiFi

A mesh network is where two or more WiFi transmitting devices work together to deliver much broader WiFi coverage than a single router can provide. Mesh networking kit is easy to set up and replaces the existing WiFi connection in your home or business.

To extend your WiFi with a mesh network, you connect a mesh WiFi device into your existing router. Then locate other mesh devices elsewhere in your property - typically in areas where you've experienced WiFi dead spots. The mesh devices all act as interconnected "nodes" to create a single seamless WiFi network across your property to which all your internet-enabled devices can connect.

That depends on two things - the size of your property and its internal construction.

A pair of Deco mesh WiFi units should provide seamless WiFi coverage for properties up to 2,000 square feet - so if yours is a typical 2 bedroom home, a Deco twin pack should suffice.

However if your property is significantly larger, or if its internal walls are particularly thick or contain metallised insulation, then you should consider getting a Deco three pack.

Fortunately, Deco mesh WiFi units are modular, so if you're not sure, start off with a twin pack, because you can always buy and add individual units at a later date, should this be needed.

The TP Link Deco E4 mesh system which we recommend for extending the WiFi range of a 4G broadband connection is great value, with each E4 mesh unit featuring ethernet ports that are limited to 100 Mbps. So, because the speed provided by incoming 4G broadband is extremely unlikely to reach a level of 100 Mbps (typically it's less than half of that), there's just no point spending any extra to get a faster mesh WiFi system.

However, when it comes to extending the WiFi range of a 5G broadband connection, which will offer speeds anywhere between 100 to 400 Mbps (or more), you'll almost certainly want to extend that level of performance throughout your property - and that's why we recommend the more capable (and more expensive) TP Link Deco X20 mesh system for 5G broadband.

We recommend TP Link's Deco Mesh for extending WiFi coverage

Following our thorough testing, when it comes to extending WiFi, we firmly recommend the Deco Mesh range from TP Link, the global leader in home networking.

We don't sell these ourselves, but that's because TP Link's Mesh WiFi solutions are available at lower pricing from the usual online retailers - as always, we want our customers to get the best deal.

For more advice or information on extending WiFi, just give us a call on 03333 447700

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