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Do you live or work in Scotland and suffer with really slow internet connectivity at your home or business?

Then why not see if you can get a much faster and more reliable 4G broadband connection under the Scottish Government's Broadband Voucher Scheme, which is part of its Reaching 100% programme? If you're eligible, getting set up with your new broadband service will be entirely free of charge.

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The Scottish Government's
Scottish Broadband Voucher Scheme

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Four simple steps to getting set up with much faster broadband completely free of charge

It's really quick and easy to see if your property qualifies for a subsidy under the Scottish Broadband Voucher Scheme. Or if you'd rather, as a registered supplier to the scheme, we can do this for you.

Check To See If Your Property Is Eligible Here


Get In Touch With Us

Get in touch with us. We'll be able to tell you whether your property is covered by our 4G services, talk you through the monthly costs of our broadband and also answer any questions that you may have about 4G or the SVBS scheme.


Confirm Us as Your Supplier

Once either you or we have checked that your property does qualify for an SBVS subsidy, we will contact the SBVS team with your details. They will then email you to confirm that you're happy for us to make use of your funding.


Your Subsidy Gets Approved

Once you've confirmed that you want us to be your supplier, the SBVS team will approve your voucher and let us know. We'll then ask you to place an order for your chosen service, after which we'll get busy with installing your new broadband.


Your New Service Goes Live

Once we've got your new broadband service live - and this should only take us a couple of weeks — we'll tell the SBVS team. They'll again email you so you can confirm this and once you've done that, they'll pay us for your installation.

So let's get you connected for free

Unlimited 4G Broadband

Our superfast service with outdoor antenna for optimum performance in rural areas

Choose your contract length
24 Months | 18 Months | 12 Months

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12 month personal contract

Zero up-front cost
(with SBVS voucher)

£39.99 per month

18 month personal contract

Zero up-front cost
(with SBVS voucher)

£34.99 per month

24 month personal contract

Zero up-front cost
(with SBVS voucher)

£31.99 per month

12 month business contract

Zero up-front cost
(with SBVS voucher)

£45.00 + VAT per month

18 month business contract

Zero up-front cost
(with SBVS voucher)

£40.00 + VAT per month

24 month business contract

Zero up-front cost
(with SBVS voucher)

£35.00 + VAT per month

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Don't forget about WiFi coverage

Of course it's great to get a much faster broadband connection. But naturally you'll want to make sure you can take advantage of this throughout your entire home or business.

If your property is larger or has thicker internal walls, in order to ensure good connectivity in every room you should definitely consider extending your WiFi coverage.

So don't fix your incoming broadband just to be irritated by still having WiFi dead spots - discover how to extend your WiFi coverage here.

Extending Your WiFi

The purpose of the
Scottish Broadband Voucher Scheme

In today's online age, having slow broadband is acknowledged as a major disadvantage.

And that's why the Scottish Government has committed to enabling access to superfast broadband - meaning download speeds of at least 30Mbps - for every home and business in Scotland. The programme delivering this commitment is known as Reaching 100% or R100.

This nationwide programme has many strands, but for sub-30Mbps homes and businesses that are not either in R100 contract or commercial build plans, the Scottish Broadband Voucher Scheme (or SBVS for short) offers a subsidy of up to £5,000. For eligible properties, the SBVS covers all direct installation costs and will provide a much improved broadband connection.

If your property qualifies for a subsidy and it's located in an area covered by our services (and the vast majority of Scotland already is, including even the most rural of locations), we could get you set up with much superfast 4G broadband within just a few weeks - and completely free of charge.

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So when we say we can improve your broadband speed and change your life for the better - we mean it.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the Scottish Broadband Voucher Scheme and 4G broadband.

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These days, as ever more of people's work and personal lives involve spending time online, having access to good broadband has become an essential and suffering with poor internet connectivity is quite rightly seen as an increasingly major disadvantage for homes and businesses.

By boosting the broadband speed for households, the Scottish Broadband Voucher Scheme will enable individuals and families to make far better use of all online facilities, including working from home, staying in touch via video calling, utilising on-demand TV, streaming movies and so on.

The scheme also covers businesses, which will be empowered to operate far more efficiently, communicating and transacting with both existing and potential clients online.

The Scottish Broadband Voucher Scheme covers the entirety of Scotland. It gives immediate assistance to any home or business anywhere within Scotland which cannot currently access superfast (30 Mbps) broadband speeds and which isn't part of an already planned roll-out of improved broadband.

The intention of the SBVS is to fund the direct installation costs of a property getting set up with a significantly improved broadband service.

That's certainly the case if you choose us as your Internet Service Provider under the Scottish Broadband Voucher Scheme, as the subsidy will covers all the costs of a property getting up and running on our 4G broadband service, which would normally cost a home or business several hundred pounds.

With our 4G broadband service, this includes:-

  • Supply and installation of a top-specification 4G router inside your property.
  • Supply and installation of a small but very effective high-gain 4G antenna to the outside of your property.
  • Supply and installation of a SIM card on the network with the best coverage of your specific location.
  • Activation of your new 4G broadband service.

The carefully chosen 4G router we supply will be fully set up and installed for you. This provides full WiFi functionality - so you can share your new 4G connection across multiple internet-enabled devices within your property.

Our professional installers will also fit a small high gain and directional external 4G antenna to the outside of your property and connect this to your 4G router to ensure that you get the best possible 4G signal reception and thus optimum performance of the service.

Please note that the offer of zero-cost installation does not give any applicant the right to specify a mounting location for the outdoor 4G antenna. Although applicants' preferences will be considered if feasible, we will always install the outdoor antenna at the position which delivers the best 4G broadband performance. Government funding will specifically not cover any additional costs involved in a more complex or expensive installation location that is being requested on purely aesthetic grounds.

You can check this for yourself by entering your address details at the Scottish Government's R100 website - - where you'll be told:

  • if your address already has access to a superfast broadband connection, or
  • if your address is already part of a planned superfast broadband roll-out, or
  • if your address is eligible for an SVBS subsidy

Alternatively, you can just ask us as a registered provider to the SBVS to check on your behalf.

If yours is a residential or business property that qualifies for the subsidy and you choose us as your new broadband provider, the answer is... nothing at all towards getting your new and much faster broadband up and running.

The full costs of getting started with our superfast 4G broadband service will be fully covered by your SBVS subsidy.

The only charge you'll need to pay is the normal monthly subscription cost of our 4G broadband. That's £31.99 including VAT for personal accounts or £35.00 plus VAT for business accounts.

We at National Broadband are proud to have become a registered supplier to the Scottish Broadband Voucher Scheme.

We're delighted to already have numerous homes and businesses across the entirety of Scotland - including in the nation's most rural locations - as happy customers of our broadband services. We now look forward to providing much faster internet connections to even more properties under the Scottish Government’s Scottish Broadband Voucher Scheme.

That completely depends on what coverage is available at your property's location.

At National Broadband, we're partnered with all four of the UK's mobile network operators - that's EE, Vodafone, O2 and Three. This means that we can and will select the very best 4G service for your specific location.

Unlike traditional landline-based broadband services, broadband delivered over a 4G network is a wireless service that does not rely on physical phonelines or cables to reach your property.

4G is the name given to a set of frequencies used by the UK's mobile networks to transmit data over phone masts. They're what today's smartphones use to give you internet access when you're out and about.

But with the right equipment, 4G can also be used to provide speedy and reliable broadband to a single fixed location, like your home or business. And because these days, 99% of the entire UK is covered by 4G, 4G-delivered broadband is available pretty much everywhere.

When it comes to performance, the speeds achievable with 4G broadband are dependent upon local factors specific to each individual location. However, when measured across the entire UK, 4G broadband performance is superfast, averaging at 30 Mbps download levels.

You can find more information on 4G broadband here.

Unlike traditional landline or fibre broadband delivery methods which can take months of planning and work to complete, the beauty of alternative technology like 4G is that it can be deployed at any property with sufficient coverage in well under a month.

So once you've had your eligibility for the Scottish Broadband Voucher Scheme confirmed and you've decided on us as your chosen supplier, we should have you up and running with significantly faster broadband in just a couple of weeks or so.

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