How fast is 4G and why is it ideal for rural broadband?

Our fast 4G broadband fixes slow internet problems for rural homes and businesses.

It uses the 4G network to deliver fast and reliable broadband to properties almost anywhere.

Learn more about the speeds you can expect from 4G broadband and how it works.

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Average download speeds of 25 Mbps…

Around 99% of all UK properties are already sufficiently covered by 4G, offering broadband speeds averaging 25 Mbps download* to homes and businesses across the entire country.

* These are the latest independently audited average download speeds delivered across the UK by the 4G networks we use - as can be seen by clicking here.

…even where 4G coverage is poor

And that even includes locations where smartphones may only show very weak or flaky 4G signal levels. If that sounds like where you are, then take a look at how our antenna solution makes all the difference.

How To Get The Best Rural Broadband

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What makes 4G the best broadband solution for remote and rural areas?

4G is the name given to frequencies used by mobile networks to transmit data over phone masts. It’s what today's smartphones use to give you internet access when you're out and about, with no reliance on any cables or wires.

But with the right equipment, 4G can also be used to provide speedy and reliable broadband to a single fixed location, like your home or business.

The perfect alternative broadband solution. Almost anywhere. Within days.

That's why 4G is the ideal broadband alternative for properties where fibre-based connectivity either doesn't reach or doesn't perform.

And best of all, 4G broadband can be supplied pretty much anywhere and pretty much instantly within the entire UK.

Connecting you to 4G

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All 4G masts on the UK's mobile networks are directly connected to the Internet. Given the ever-growing availability of 4G, there's almost bound to be a mast near where you live or work.

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4G Mast

4G masts broadcast Internet connectivity without relying on phone lines - to nearby 4G enabled devices. Not just to smartphones and tablets, but also to the 4G router which we'll supply.

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Your Property

If needed, we'll fit an external 4G antenna to the outside of your property. This latches onto an available 4G signal, amplifies it and pipes it down to your router, bringing you speedy broadband.

Learn more about the equipment we use

If your property is in an area with good 4G coverage, then all you'll need is our top spec 4G router to get started and see just how fast 4G broadband is.

And even if the strength and quality of the 4G signal that you get where you're located isn't reliable and needs boosting, we've still got a solution for you with our high gain external 4G antenna.

If you'd like to learn more about the equipment we provide, including our external 4G antenna installation option which helps deliver fast 4G broadband to properties in weaker 4G coverage areas, you'll find further useful information here.

More On Our 4G Equipment

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What about 5G?

We already offer ultrafast 5G broadband in cities. But we'll soon be offering superfast 5G much more widely across the UK. Click below to find out why this is set to become the alternative to standard fibre broadband and the next step up in connection speeds for more rural properties.

Superfast 5G Broadband

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