5G broadband for
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You'll already know that 5G is the next generation of mobile technology, giving smartphone users ultrafast access to the internet when they're out and about.

But did you realise that with the right equipment, 5G can also be used to provide a single fixed location like a home or business with very speedy broadband?

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First off, it's important to realise that there is more than one type of 5G

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The type of 5G that the UK networks have been rolling out over the last few years is called "mid-band 5G". It's transmitted at high frequencies, which means it offers very fast speeds... but its signals don't travel very far. This in turn means that a lot more masts (or mini-masts) are needed to provide coverage across any given area.

That's why this type of ultrafast 5G is primarily being deployed in major towns and cities, because that's where population densities are at their highest.

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What does ultrafast actually mean?

It means download speeds of at least 100Mbps - and an urban 5G broadband connection will easily exceed this level. So providing that there's signal coverage, a 5G broadband service is quite literally the fastest connectivity solution for any home or business that does not have access to full fibre broadband.

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So if you live in a town or city and are longing for a faster internet connection, but can't get a full fibre service, just ask us about our ultrafast 5G broadband. We'll check the coverage where you are to make sure it's adequate and we'll then choose the very best network for your location. You could be online with ultrafast 5G broadband within a day or two.

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Superfast rural 5G broadband
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The next type of 5G that the networks are due to roll out over the coming months is known as "low-band 5G". This uses lower frequencies, so it's not as fast as urban 5G... but low- band 5G signals travel much further and are a lot better at penetrating into properties through walls and windows. So each low-band 5G mast can cover a much wider area.

This is why low-band 5G is ideally placed to offer the next broadband speed increase for homes and businesses outside major towns and cities.

A phone mast in a field

What does superfast actually mean?

Superfast means delivering speeds of 30Mbps or more. Looking at other countries where it has already been rolled out, low-band 5G is a lot faster than this, with average speeds around 50 to 60Mbps. This means that broadband delivered over low-band 5G will soon offer major improvements in connection speeds to millions of UK homes and busineses.

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So if you live or work a few miles out of town and you're finding that your current landline broadband isn't cutting it, make sure you stay informed with the latest news on the roll-out of low-band superfast 5G. Or if your existing connection is just too painfully slow, why not take a look at our speedy and stable 4G broadband options that are available right now.

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