Would you be better connected in space?

Are you stuck with frustratingly slow broadband speeds and endlessly waiting for fibre? Well it won't come as much comfort to learn that from a broadband performance point of view, soon you'd actually be better off living in space.

Our latest research has revealed that over 50% of the country is set to have a slower broadband internet connection than the Moon is due to get by 2024.

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Yes, the Moon is set to get broadband running at 100 Mbps next year, but those sorts of speeds are beyond the wildest dreams of far too many UK homes and communities.

Which parts of the UK are lagging behind when it comes to broadband speeds?

Broadband speed comparisons between the UK and the Moon aren't pretty at the best of times, but for the people of Wales it's even worse. As the poorest performing part of the UK when it comes to broadband internet connections, 70% of Wales is set to lag behind lunar broadband.

Yorkshire follows behind with 60% of the county unable to access speeds equal to what the Moon's going to be getting, closely followed by the East Midlands and the North East.

Meanwhile Londoners are sitting pretty with only 9% of the capital experiencing a worse broadband internet connection than the Moon.

Graphic showing the percentage of UK regions that have a slower broadband speed than the moon

Rural broadband struggles

Broadband internet connections available to rural Britain are quite frankly shocking when compared to those being planned for the Moon next year - or even those already available at base camp on Mount Everest. They not only fail to match speeds of locations over 380,000 km away from Earth or 17,500 feet up the world's highest mountain, but are actually five to ten times worse.

In fact, according to Ofcom, today there are well over 500,000 properties scattered all over the UK with broadband under the national minimum standard of 10 Mbps and it is rural areas that are seven times more likely to suffer with these near unusable speeds.

We found that the following rural towns and villages were the worst performers when compared to broadband speeds that the Moon is due to get.

  • Narberth, Wales
  • Temple Sowerby, Cumbria
  • Corsley, Wiltshire
  • Bowmore, Scotland
  • Roydon, Essex
  • Pomeroy, Northern Ireland
  • Portree, Scotland
  • Kilvington, Nottinghamshire
  • Achaphubuil, Scotland
  • Llandyfriog, Wales
  • Bewcastle, Cumbria
  • Hartwell, Northamptonshire
  • Abernant, Wales
  • Bute, Scotland
  • Thirsk, Yorkshire
  • Birnam, Scotland
  • Wivelsfield, Sussex
  • Newhaven, Sussex
  • Glencarse, Scotland
  • Birchwood, Cheshire
Graphic showing a map of UK villages that have 10 times slower broadband speed than the moon

Is your broadband set to be slower than the Moon's?

Is your broadband feeling a little sluggish? Does it keep buffering when you're watching your favourite show? Or do you keep freezing when taking part in virtual Teams or Zoom meetings while working from home?

Use our broadband speed test and find out if your broadband internet connection will soon be left standing by what's being made available on the Moon.

Broadband Speed Test

How on earth can things be this way?

That's a perfectly reasonable question. You might ask, is it due to advanced technology way beyond our imagination being utilised to bring broadband to the Moon or Mount Everest?

Unfortunately not - this is simply a matter of investment. Good broadband is being brought to the Moon and Mount Everest via technology already available in the UK.

However, whilst the Government has promised £5bn worth of investment to improve broadband across the UK, its current fibre-centric approach means this pot of cash won't benefit those most in need and is missing out on helping the most remote and rural parts of the UK.

If alternative broadband delivery solutions such as 4G that can be deployed quickly and at a fraction of the cost continue to be ignored, we're only going to see the gap between digital 'haves' and 'have nots' grow ever wider. It seems that the so-called Digital Divide doesn't just exist between rural and urban Britain. Unbelievably in terms of broadband internet connection, remote UK homes, businesses and communities will be more digitally disadvantaged than somewhere as far afield as the Moon.

Want to take your broadband speeds from the stone age to the space age?

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Our 4G broadband service is the perfect alternative for those looking for fast and reliable rural internet connectivity. There's no need to wait any longer on the faint hope of fibre coming along to transform your speeds. Get in touch and let us help get you the broadband experience you've always wanted today.

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