More about Mesh WiFi

The ideal solution to ensure that fast WiFi is available in every part of your property.

Simple to set up and hugely effective.

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We recommend TP Link's Deco Mesh WiFi system

Deco units automatically communicate with each other wirelessly, creating a meshed network to flood your whole home or office with WiFi signal.

What does Deco Mesh WiFi provide?

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Whole home WiFi coverage

Deco units work in concert to provide seamless dual band whole home WiFi coverage and eliminate WiFi dead spots once and for all

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Seamless roaming

Any of your WiFi-enabled devices will automatically switch between Deco units as you move through your home to give you the fastest possible wireless speeds

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Easily expandable

Add more Deco units to your Mesh WiFi network at any time to increase coverage even further. You can even mix and match different Deco models

Added benefits of Deco Mesh WiFi

Up to 100 devices

Deco units can handle traffic on even the busiest of networks, providing fast and stable WiFi connections for up to 100 devices at one time

Parental controls

Decos units offer Parental Controls, so you can limit online time and block inappropriate websites for individual profiles created for each family member

Control with mobile app

Easily set up your Deco Mesh network with the help of the Deco smartphone app - which also lets you remotely control and monitor your network

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