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better broadband?

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The Government is simply not doing enough to ensure
that rural homes & businesses get better broadband

We think this is just plain wrong. How about you?

If you're in one of the half a million properties that still have cripplingly slow broadband, with no sign of any improvements being made any time soon (if ever), you'll no doubt agree with us.

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Signing the petition on the official Government petitions website is a quick and easy process. It's also something that's potentially well worth doing.

Because with just 10,000 signatures, the Government is obliged to give a reply to the matter raised. And with 100,000 signatures, the subject will then be debated in Parliament.

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Slow broadband isn't just a concern for rural homes and businesses. Other areas are affected too. So if you're unhappy with broadband speeds wherever you are, add your signature to the petition, because a proper debate in Parliament on the UK's broadband is long overdue.

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Here's some extra detail on why action must be taken

  • In today's modern world, good quality broadband is an essential. Being stuck with a slow internet connection causes people & communities to become digitally excluded.
  • Current Government broadband policy is solely fixated on the roll-out of full fibre, something that takes substantial amounts of both time and money.
  • £5 billion is being spent on Project Gigabit which aims to provide full fire broadband to 85% of UK properties by the end of 2025 - but there's no real focus on rural areas.
  • The 15% of homes and businesses that are being left out are typically more rural. These have the poorest broadband currently, so they are the properties in greatest need.
  • This is not a small problem. Latest Ofcom figures show that over 500,000 UK properties can't get what it calls 'decent broadband' via a landline.
  • And yet cost-effective alternative broadband solutions are available today to provide life-changingly improved broadband pretty much anywhere, pretty much immediately.

It just makes no sense that a large amount of taxpayers' money is being spent on densely populated areas to get those who already have perfectly good broadband an even faster service, while those in rural areas who are genuinely suffering with nigh on unusably slow broadband are forgotten about.

Alternative broadband solutions
are available right now.

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