How fast is 5G broadband? What is it and how does it work?

5G stands for "5th generation" and is the latest advance in mobile communications technology.

It is capable of much faster speeds than earlier standards such as 4G - but what performance will you actually see? And how does 5G broadband work?

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How fast is 5G broadband?

That depends where you are, because there's actually more than one type of 5G broadband.

5G in cities and major towns

In cities and other densely populated areas, higher frequency (or mid-band) 5G broadband is being rolled out. That delivers ultrafast speeds in the hundreds of megabits per second and so is similar in performance to full fibre broadband.

But it requires the deployment of much more infrastructure (masts, mini masts etc), because those higher frequency 5G signals don't travel very far.

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5G in the rest of the UK

For the rest of the UK, lower frequency (or low-band) 5G is just starting to be deployed. While low-band 5G won't deliver the 100 Mbps+ ultrafast speeds that urban 4G does, it should still provide performance around the 50 to 70 Mbps level and in an ever-growing number of locations.

This means that low-band 5G will match or exceed the average performance of the superfast (30 Mbps+) landline broadband that's currently available to the majority of UK homes and businesses.

That's why we're calling it Superfast Plus.

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How does 5G broadband work?

First off, 5G isn't a technology just aimed at today's smartphones. It has been developed to provide a far greater degree of interconnectivity between multiple smart devices. You may have heard of IoT (the Internet of Things) - it is this sort of communication that 5G enables.

One of the main uses for 5G is that with the right equipment, it can provide a very fast broadband connection almost immediately to any home or business within 5G coverage - and without any need for physical cables or wires.

Unlike traditional internet service providers that use either fibre optic or copper cables to connect your property to the internet, 5G broadband is provided via a wire-free connection over the mobile network. This means that you get very high performance broadband with no need for a landline.

5G broadband works in much the same way as it does with 5G smartphones except the 5G SIM card is inserted into the high spec 5G router we supply. This then shares that high-speed connection over WiFi for all your devices to connect to and take advantage of.

So 5G broadband works over the airwaves much like 4G broadband but uses the latest technology which allows the transmission of much more data in a much shorter period of time. And that results in a much faster internet connection.

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