Who are Konnect and how do they compare with a National Broadband service?

If you’re interested in learning more about how Konnect's service compares to ours then you've come to the right place.

Read on to find out if a satellite based service is right for you and whether a connection via 4G might better suit your requirements.

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Who are Konnect?

Eutelsat Konnect are a satellite broadband ISP that operate across the UK and Europe.

What is their solution?

They offer their service using satellite technology. It's typically installed in rural areas for properties that don't currently have access to a fibre-based connection.

Positive's about the Konnect service

Konnect quote an average download speed of up to 75 Mbps download on their top priority data plan.

They also offer 100% coverage which means their service is available across the UK as long as there’s a clear line of sight to the sky at your property.

Negatives with the Konnect service

Priority data

All their plans include priority data allowances. With their top plan offering 120 GB of data at top speeds. Once the cap has been reached the speed you can receive will be reduced to between 2-6 Mbps. With the average UK household using 344 GB per month, this will generally mean reduced speeds for most of the month.

A high cost

Their packages start from £29.99 for 20 GB of priority data. The top plan costs £69.99 for 120 GB Priority data allowance. Whilst both are technically unlimited, the priority data options still fall well under the average household monthly data usage of 344 GB.

High latency

The biggest and most noticeable issue with satellite broadband is the time delay it suffers due to the distance the signal must travel. While this is unlikely to affect general web surfing too much, it will be frustrating for online gamers and anyone taking part in a live video call.

How does it compare to National Broadband?

The service we provide at National Broadband uses the 4G network. Latency isn't a problem and its truly unlimited data gives you strong consistent and performance month after month.

The monthly plan for a 4G broadband service from us is only £39.99 for home users.

You also no longer need to worry if you receive no mobile signal in your area either as a high gain antenna can be installed. This is typically 4 times stronger than a smartphone and can help connect those located even in the most rural areas.

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