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With 4G- and 5G-delivered broadband, it can be really useful to establish exactly where your home or business is located. This is so that we can provide the best advice when it comes to signal coverage and deliver the best mobile broadband service possible where you are.

There's a very easy way for you to let us know your property's exact location.

How to pinpoint your location using What3Words


Click the Pinpoint Me button below and the What3Words website will open up in a new window.

Pinpoint Me


If your property has a number, type that, your road name and town into the search box. Then select your property from the list that appears. You'll now see a map showing your property's precise location with a three word label.


If your property does not have a number, type your road name and town into the search box and the map will show your road. Drag the map around until you find your property and then click on it. You'll be given a three word label.


Then all you need to do is let us know your three words - and we'll know exactly where you are!

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