Fast rural internet connections across the whole UK

Having a rural property in the UK is great for so many reasons. Unfortunately for many rural homeowners, a decent internet connection is not one of these.

But all is not lost. Read on to find out how we're delivering high quality rural internet across the UK right now.

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Rural internet options for UK properties

Living in the countryside and fed up with your poor rural internet service? You're not alone.

There are up to 600,000 homes and businesses across the UK and mainly in rural locations which are poorly served by the big telecoms operators when it comes to high quality internet connections.

We are on a mission to provide customers across the UK with the rural internet service they deserve. Below you'll find a guide to let you know about various solutions to your slow rural internet connection. These include includes ones that are available right now and others that are coming soon.

Providing reliable rural internet connections across the entire UK

If you live or work in a more rural location, you'll know how difficult it can be to get a decent internet connection. At National Broadband, we believe that it is everyone's right to have decent, reliable internet access. We are committed to making high-speed rural internet connections available to all.

The big problem with providing good internet services in rural and remote areas via traditional means is that it's prohibitively expensive to put in the infrastructure to do so. That's why landline-based rural internet services tend to be much slower and less reliable, with speeds often a fraction of what you find in more densely populated urban areas.

Although BT claims to provide more than 98% of UK households with a standard landline broadband connection, there are many 'not spots' where lines are so slow that it's just not possible to get useable broadband. So if you're in in one of these (often rural) areas, you will have to look at alternative methods of getting a broadband connection - and that’s where our 4G rural internet services come in.

4G Broadband

Only 5 years ago, using 4G to provide rural homes with fast broadband just wasn't an option. But now 4G offers by far the best rural internet solution for the vast majority of more remote properties.

If you're in a strong 4G coverage area, all you'll need is a 4G WiFi router together with a suitable monthly broadband plan - and you could be online with much faster broadband within 48 hours.

Check out our best 4G broadband deals for areas with good 4G signal strength.

Fast 4G Broadband

And don't worry if your mobile shows next to no 4G signal, since in most cases 4G broadband can still be successfully set up at locations with poor 4G signal by having an outdoor antenna installed. We'll also install the same antenna wherever customers want to ensure that their 4G broadband performance is maximised.

Take a look at our best rural internet offers for locations with weaker 4G coverage.

Best Rural Broadband Plans

Yes, 4G broadband can be a bit more costly to set up, when compared to landline broadband. But if you want fibre-like performance in a rural location, it's your best bet by far. And at National Broadband, we've been specialising in providing rural internet across the entire UK for two decades.

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Wireless Broadband

Just like 4G, wireless broadband also delivers its services without relying on cables, wires or landlines. Wireless internet service providers (or WISPs) operate their own local networks and look to provide a broadband solution for properties falling within their coverage.

Again like 4G, wireless broadband is very useful for rural properties where fibre-based broadband services either don’t reach or struggle to perform.

However, wireless networks are hard to keep maintained, which means they can become congested if too many users sign up. They're also small and widely scattered, so aren't available in most places.

Still, it's worth checking out if a wireless ISP is active and offering broadband where you live.

Satellite Broadband

This used to be the only option available to rural properties. While it's definitely not the best, it's still a workable solution, if there's nothing else available.

The good thing about satellite broadband is that it's available to 100% of the UK, so can be installed anywhere. And when compared with slow landline broadband, it could still be a game-changer.

However, both set-up and monthly costs can be expensive. Also, monthly data plans tend to either be capped or get slowed down to avoid congestion. And finally, you're likely to experience high latency when online (that's a slowness for webpages to respond).

But if 4G broadband isn't yet available to you, satellite broadband is an option to consider. You can find out more about the differences between 4G and satellite broadband here.

4G And Satellite Compared

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Future Solutions

And there are more developments in the pipeline to offer improved connectivity to rural properties. The mobile networks are already planning the rollout of low-band 5G to cover rural areas. This will finally provide a rural broadband solution to match even the fastest landline broadband speeds.

Learn more about future rural broadband solutions here.

Superfast 5G Broadband

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