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We provide properties that have slow landline connections with hugely improved broadband delivered over 4G. Even where 4G coverage is weaker and mobile phones may only show flaky 4G signal levels.

Best of all, almost all UK homes and businesses are already covered by our 4G broadband services.

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4G WiFi Router Only

All that is needed to get great 4G broadband in any location where 4G coverage is stronger

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£99 up-front cost
£39.99 per month
12 month contract

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Get up and running on 4G broadband in just a day or two

4G WiFi Router Only

All that is needed to get great 4G broadband in any location where 4G coverage is stronger

A SIM card being installed into the back of a router
£99 up-front cost
£34.99 per month
18 month contract

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Get up and running on 4G broadband in just a day or two

4G WiFi Router Only

All that is needed to get great 4G broadband in any location where 4G coverage is stronger

A SIM card being installed into the back of a router
£82.50 + VAT up-front cost
£45.00 + VAT per month
12 month contract

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Get up and running on 4G broadband in just a day or two

4G WiFi Router Only

All that is needed to get great 4G broadband in any location where 4G coverage is stronger

A SIM card being installed into the back of a router
£82.50 + VAT up-front cost
£40.00 + VAT per month
18 month contract

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Get up and running on 4G broadband in just a day or two


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Our full installation option with antenna will maximise your 4G broadband's performance

It's all about our high gain antenna which makes a whole world of difference.

We've got lots of customers who've been surprised and delighted to get great broadband over 4G, even though mobile signals are very flaky where they are. And plenty of others who've decided to maximise their 4G broadband performance by having one of our antennas fitted.

Find out about our full installation option including the supply and fitting of an external 4G antenna.

Our Antenna Solution

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Of course it's great to get a much faster broadband connection. But naturally you'll want to make sure you can take advantage of this throughout your entire home or business.

If your property is larger or has thicker internal walls, in order to ensure good connectivity in every room you should definitely consider extending your WiFi coverage.

So don't fix your incoming broadband just to be irritated by still having WiFi dead spots - discover how to extend your WiFi coverage here.

Extending Your WiFi

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How 4G broadband works

Want to find out more about how 4G broadband works and what makes it the ideal alternative connectivity solution for where fibre-based broadband either doesn't reach or doesn't perform?

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Frequently asked questions

It's just not possible to be sure what 4G broadband speeds you’ll get at your property, because performance depends on so many factors unique to each location.

That’s why we always refer to the average speed that our customers experience, when measured across the entire UK as a whole. This is around 25 Mbps, which is more than sufficient for any typical internet-based activities including streaming of HD video and it has been independently audited and verified, as you can see for yourself by clicking here.

We have plenty of customers all over the UK who get 4G broadband speeds significantly faster than that. And of course, because it’s an average figure, we have others whose 4G broadband doesn’t quite reach that level, but who are still delighted with our service, because it’s so much of an improvement over the broadband they get down their landlines.

What’s more, unlike many other alternative broadband services, the speeds we provide over 4G are never throttled - so all your data is always transmitted at the fastest rates available.

As with any broadband service, actual performance depends on many factors, such as overall demand on the Internet resource being requested and network congestion at the time.

Because we have total confidence in what we do, we’re more than happy to put our money where our mouth is.

All our new customers get the complete peace of mind offered by our no risk 14 day satisfaction guarantee. This means that if for any reason at all, you’re not entirely satisfied with our 4G broadband service, just let us know within the first 2 weeks. We’ll then immediately cancel your contract with us with no ongoing liabilities or commitments whatsoever.

Then just return our router to us within 45 days and upon receipt, we’ll issue you with a full refund of all your set-up costs. No quibbles, no questions asked.

You can find out more about our Money Back Guarantee here.

Yes you absolutely can.

For the best possible 4G broadband performance, 4G signal reception needs to be maximised at your particular location. This is why at properties where available 4G signals are only weak or patchy, we will recommend the fitting of an external 4G antenna.

But you should also consider upgrading to our full installation with antenna to optimise your 4G broadband, if you’ve started out with our “Router Only” set-up option and are finding that this isn’t delivering the performance you need.

And if you do, for your complete peace of mind, your 14 day cooling-off period under our no risk and no quibble Money Back Guarantee starts all over again. So again, there’s nothing to lose.

Yes, absolutely.

If you upgrade to a Full Installation, your 14 day no risk cooling-off period with Money Back Guarantee with all the same protections starts again from the point of your antenna being installed.

4G-delivered broadband doesn’t rely on landlines, so it’s bound to be a little different when compared to traditional broadband – but not in any significant way.

4G broadband has a higher level of latency. Latency is the time it takes to identify the internet resource you've requested and to respond. The natural latency level of a 4G-based broadband service is around 30 milliseconds.

This is about twice that of landline broadband - but it shouldn't noticeably affect anything you'd want to do online. All internet-based activities (such as web browsing, email, streaming TV, downloading movies, online shopping etc) will still perform exactly as you'd both want and expect.

In general, 4G broadband is great for online gaming too. However, if you're an avid online gamer playing real-time games where it's all about split second feedback (like Call Of Duty), then those few extra milliseconds of latency you get with 4G broadband might not be completely ideal.

And although we've fully tested the most popular multi-player titles, because of the way 4G networks handle IP addresses, there may very rarely be issues with connecting to certain online multi-player games, depending on their connection protocols.

We’ve got years of experience in getting our customers set up with speedy and stable 4G broadband, including in places where mobile phones only show very flaky signal – or even no signal at all.

Remember, we have relationships with the majority of the UK’s mobile network operators, so we can – and will – always pick the best choice of 4G network for your particular location.

What’s more, the very carefully chosen equipment we supply is far better at receiving 4G signals than any mobile handset and that’s why we should be able to provide you with perfectly good broadband over 4G where you are. So don’t be fooled by what your mobile phone’s telling you!

But don’t just take our word for it – why not take a look at what our customer have to say about us – and all in their own words – on Trustpilot by clicking here. There must be very good reasons why they’ve awarded us a rating of Excellent.

Would you like to know more? Give us a call on 03333 447700 or email us
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